Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bob is Back! Kind of...

Today technically was my 1st day of retirement since after last Wednesday’s goodbye,  Brenda & I flew down to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate with our many friends.  Jacquee Carvin was our host with Mark & Ivan throwing a retirement dinner to remember.    Picture up on the side of a mountain overlooking the Pacific with the setting sun as our back drop with clear skies and 80 degrees.  Mark Ledet and Ivan Sherman made sure every detail was perfecto (little Spanish flair!) with my pictures plastered all across the wall overlooking their pool.  Everyone had a place card with their name and pictures of the little fella that Mark grabbed from the internet.  BUT THERE’S MORE Lee Zurik,  The dinner was gourmet & The mucho chocolate cake dessert  was topped with a TV screen, including antennas,  with pictures of “the little Fella” .  Wow, no longer was I just “the little fella”.  How do I ever say thank you to so many?     I don’t even want to make another  attempt as I already forgot my 2 great daughter-in-law who have been so good to my sons.      Let’s just try to get back to reality…at least until Thursday when I have to take out the garbage!


Can you believe I left in such a hurry that I didn’t bring a cell phone to Mexico?   Try putting your cell phone away for 5 days.  I bet 98% of you can’t since it’s such a part of our lives.   No FaceBook, No Twitter, no nothing.  Geez did I enjoy reading 2 books.   All the weather folks are talking about our rainy weather later this week.  Sure hope so since I just put down some weed & feed.   For years people have greeted me with “Hey Bob, how’s the Weather”.  Today at my morning workout, 3 people said…”Hey Bob, How’s Retirement?”.  Humm…maybe I should say…”I’ll let you know once I figure out the weather!”   Later!

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Congrats!!!!! Tracey T.