Monday, March 21, 2016

Hurricane Conference

As many of you know, I will be a consultant to Ch. 8 for the 2016 Hurricane Season.   Tomorrow I will leave for Orlando to attend my final Hurricane Conference.  In the past I have presented several  papers detailing our response to the many hurricane threats.  This year I go just as an observer looking to learn of any new ways to help our viewers prepare for Mother nature.   As usual, the gurus will issue their 2016 outlooks as to the number of storms expected.  As you know, I believe there has been shown  very little skill in these predictions.  They make for good headlines, but they really don’t provide us with anything of value.   You still need to have a plan.  You still need to have personal responsibility.  You need to know where to go and how to get there.  If you choose to stay, you must have a 2nd story in case a levee fails.  You need to have window protection (shutters) and a power source (generator) and enough food & water for at least a week.   If you can’t do that, then your choice is only evacuation.  This is not rocket science.   When I get back, I’ll try to tell you of any major news that might help this coming season.   I doubt there will be any.   Stay tuned!


Chavelle Harris said...

Am I the only one going thru BOB WITHDRAWAL????!

Janine Dupre said...

Chapelle, I think everyone is, but it's tempered with happiness for Bob in his retirement. Now if we could just get him some dry, mild weather so his golf game doesn't suffer.

Pashunn Williams Bell said...

I'm sad that I didn't get the opportunity to enjoy him as much as everyone from Louisiana has. He reminds me so much of a weatherman that I grew up with in Michigan...Sonny Eliott 🌞❤