Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gawd Awful Heat Has Arrived...

Usually during the summer months there is not much to talk about except the tropics & the heat.  Since the Tropics remain quiet, let’s complain about da heat.   Once into mid-June, our normal highs top 90 and the heat index approaches 100 EVERY DAY.   It’s no big deal for our heat index to be above 100.  If you look at the heat index chart, you’ll see we are always in the extreme caution range.  It’s only when we top 105 do we enter the danger area.  However, the southern states can handle the heat much better than the northern folks ( for the same reason they handle the cold better)because once it’s here, it stays for months and we get acclimated to it.   I found the summer heat in Chicago much worse than here because it never stayed hot.  There would be relief after a week of heat with temps in the 70s & 80s so when the 90s returned, I wasn’t acclimated to it.   It felt much hotter.   Frankly, I loved the summers up north for that very reason, you got cooling relief every so often.  But I can handle our heat much better than I could handle their cold so dealing with 3-4 months of 90s beats dealing with 5 months of freezing temps and wearing coats.    The trick here during our long, hot summer is to stay hydrated when outside fishing, golfing , playing tennis or running.   In other words, use common sense & take breaks.  

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