Thursday, June 9, 2016

Why So Quiet?

Many media folks made a big deal about having 3 named storms so early in the Hurricane season.  Earliest on record, never before recorded, yada, yada, yada.   Where are these same folks when nothing is happening?  I mean NOTHING is happening ANYWHERE around the Planet.  The eastern Pacific still hasn’t seen their 1st named storm & their season started on May 16th.  Nope, you only hear the hype when it fits the agenda of global warming causing more numerous & severe storms.  That is not happening whether you look at Tropical weather or tornadoes.   Someone is not telling the truth and many can’t handle the real truth.   Will we see another active CYCLE this hurricane season?  Probably.   But that is how weather works.  My experience tells me the MJO is the real indicator when it comes to tropical activity.   We were in the “rising air” cycle for late May into June, but it appears we’ll be in the “sinking air” cycle for the next 4-6 weeks.   It’s a long way until the cooling winds of October.


I have been enjoying several things in retirement.  More golfing, more fishing , more gardening & bird watching & more reading.    I read an interesting book called GRATITUDE MARKETING by local author Michael Sciortino, SR.    It reminded me of how I lived my working life & it’s an easy read.  Right now I’m halfway thru BLUE MONDAY.  It’s the story of Fats Domino & the lost dawn of rock & roll by Rick Coleman.  I thought I knew the life of Fats, but not so.  I was born in 1947 and “The Fat Man” was already on his way to stardom.  This book details the struggles of his early life, dealing with being a black man in a white controlled world of music.  Truly a fascinating read and I’m only up to 1955.  I just got to “Ain’t that a Shame” & now  I’m waiting to get my “ Thrill on Blueberry hill”.    Fats Domino was a big man in more ways than one.  I suggest you give this book a look.  Stay tuned!

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Seymour Hooglemann said...

I don't think you are just venting...we farmers on the Northshore near Amite really did appreciate your attention to detail and all the extra information that helped us plan our field and forest activities. You actually gave us a true forecast and would also run comparative models -- then give your own interpretation based on experience and what some may call intuitive knowledge. You didn't rush it either -- we could really look at the viper model and that would help us pinpoint what we might expect in certain areas. Sure miss your insightful and entertaining weather broadcasts that would cover the city and include our area of the viewing audience.