Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Let the Rodeo Roll...

Yikes!  Offshore winds have reached 15-25 knots with seas 4-6 feet.  Not what we want for a fishing rodeo.  However, there is good news.  The daylight (Visible) satellite loop shows a well-defined circulation INLAND just west of Lake Pontchartrain moving to the north.  Much drier and more stable air sits over the Gulf to our east and SE.  As this circulation, coupled with an upper low, drifts father north and west, we should see winds and seas come down by the time the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo kicks off at daybreak on Thursday.  In addition, our daily shower chances will return to more typical late summer action, along the coast at dawn & redeveloping inland during the heating of the day.    Today was certainly not a typical summer day as clouds & showers have been way above normal.    That has resulted in temperatures less hot, but that will not last.  We’ll be back 90+ later this week with more sunshine and fewer storms.


While the Eastern Pacific still has active tropical systems, the Atlantic is staying quiet.  However, a strong circulation has moved off the African coast , but it likely will encounter the Saharan Dust layer that has killed any development so far this season.  We are roughly 3 weeks away from the most active (Aug 15-Sept. 30th) part of the Hurricane Season so expect to see something forming eventually.  The Gulf and Caribbean water temps are very warm, but we know it’s more that water temps. That make up a storm.   I like the idea I read about recently.  There are only 8 more Thursdays until Fall.  That sounds better than almost 2 months!   Stay tuned!

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