Saturday, August 13, 2016

Finally going back to Normal...

Wow what a 4 day stretch of nasty weather.   The last time we saw some real sunshine was back on Wednesday.   Fortunately for us, the real heavy rains stayed far enough to our west so as to not cause us any major problems.  But you’ve seen the video of flooded homes & cars.  It’s heart breaking to watch what 1-2 feet of rain will do when it falls mainly in 2 days.   Ryan Airport in Baton Rouge has reported nearly 17” while Lafayette is over 18”.   Many other rain reports have exceeded 20” with one over 26” just north of Baton Rouge.   This has been a strange system to follow.  As many bloggers have reported, there have been multiple centers both on satellite and radar loops.  Here’s what I’m seeing this afternoon.   One minor swirl has moved northward to just SW of Memphis.  What I believe to be the main center is just SW of Natchez.  On radar, it appears another center is around Lafayette.   Bottom line for us is the whole system 1) appears to be weakening and 2) it is shifting slowly to the west.   What we should see beginning Sunday and into next week is a gradual return to our basic summertime pattern of coastal AM showers redeveloping inland during daytime heating.  Coverage should be 40-50% with way more dry hours and way more sunny breaks.  Of course that will mean hotter temps once again as it still is mid-August.    The past 2 days with temps in the 70s has been a welcomed relief from our hot summer.  If you live on the North Shore near any of the flooded rivers, you’ll still need to pay attention for rising waters even though the heavy rains have moved on.  Enjoy the last half of your weekend.  Stay tuned!

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