Thursday, August 11, 2016

Flood Watch was Needed in Spots...

I did get in my golf game this morning (shot 86) with only some light rain falling on the last 2 holes.  I know some folks are complaining about the lack of flooding since we have been under a flood watch for 2 days.  However, there were many areas that did get swamped (4-7”+) resulting in street flooding.  It’s the age old problem of people hearing only what they want to hear.  I was often frustrated by people telling me I really blew the forecast when, in reality, what I said was correct.   They only heard the 80% chance of rain and not that there would be many dry hours between storms.   Not sure if there is a solution to the communication of information.  My beef is the media overhype making everyone nervous when the need to be cautious is affecting less than 40% of the people.  


We remain under a Flood Watch with the potential for more heavy rainfall through Saturday.  Radar loops show a low level circulation near Slidell sliding slowly to the WSW.  The slow movement of this system is contributing to the heavy rain totals since the atmosphere is totally loaded with moisture  with 2-3”/hr downpours very common.  Let’s continue to keep up on the weather as there could be times driving around the region will be difficult, if not impossible.   Today’s rains have soaked our soils.   Any new rains will quickly run off and that is why we have the Flood Watch.  Stay tuned!

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