Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Change of Season...

One week from tomorrow begins astronomical Fall which is a time all Southerners long for.   One of my favorite graphics I used was the Temperature fly that showed the chilly air building across Canada and dipping down into the lower 48.   Most weathercasters don’t show that anymore so I’m forced to find that info on the web.  The current temperature map has much of the northern & central Rockies down into the 40s & 50s tonight and it’s only a matter of time before those cold fronts reach deep into Dixie.   Part of the weather storytelling is to give viewers hope.   It looks like this week will stay hot & humid, but perhaps later next week, some Yankee air will head our way.   As the announcer on The Price is Right says…” come on down!”.


Kind of surprising the NHC named the 10th storm of the season (Julia) tonight since the center is still over land and forecasted to remain over land for the next 2-3 days.    Computer models are all over the place with the future track so I don’t have high confidence in the NHC track.   We may be watching this system for the rest of this week as it meanders  around Charleston.   It could drift back out over water and strengthen, but that is not the current NHC track.   I was looking at another weak swirl of clouds down over the central Gulf.   With current wind shear too strong, this disturbance should not do much.   While most of the Atlantic tropical activity has been rather tame so far this season, not so in the western Pacific where a super Typhoon (180 mph+) is passing just south of Taiwan tonight.    The next land mass will be mainland China on Thursday.  Hopefully it will weaken before then?  Yet another disturbance has moved off of Africa and is expected to be our next storm.  Computer models turn this system to the north so it should not be a problem for the Gulf.   Stay tuned!

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