Thursday, November 3, 2016

Glorious Mountaintop!

Watching history in Cleveland last night & seeing all the Cubs fans enjoying a World Series win, reminded me of a saying back in the 70s when President Nixon resigned.   He said something like this…Only when you’ve been in the deepest, darkest valley can you appreciate how glorious it is on the mountain top.   Translation…if you haven’t been a Cubs fan like me from the late 40s thru the 70s ( when they never won anything and often were out of the race by June) and only got on board in the 80s thru now, you feel thrilled of course, but you cannot feel the euphoria us diehards have today.  I played golf with Ron Swoboda today and reminded him how his Mets crushed my heart in 1969.  At least that year they were in the race into August.  But we older fans had little to cheer about, yet we still went to the ballpark.   I’m happy for all the younger fans, but I truly feel for the many who have passed on to the next life.  Could Heaven have Cable?   Did my late Dad & brother Jim “see” the game?   I believe they did.  Cubs win, Cubs win…Yea Harry, Holy Cow!


The lack of rain has made golfing great as the ball just rolls forever.  Today I shot 80 and that was with a triple bogey on the last hole!      Our next front will bring few, if any showers, but there are signs that next week could turn wet.  No real cold is coming in the next 7-10 days, but the last half of November could see much cooler temps.  As I have warned before, weather often flip-flops from way too way to way too cold.  I’ve got my winter gear ready.  Time to bring it on!  Stay tuned!


Robear said...

Bob... Can you just imagine Jack Brickhouse and Harry Carey going crazy up there together?!?!!?

Margaret Tyler said...

I became a Cubs fan in 1985. Despite the fact that they lost, a lot, it was a fun team to follow. And there were always fellow fans around to commiserate with. I'm like you, Bob, I'm glad they finally won, but I'm especially happy for the older folks who've waited most of, if not their entire lives for this to happen. Honestly, though, I'd have been happy if Cleveland had won. They were pretty much in the same boat, just not quite as long.