Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Severe Threat Mainly Staying North...

There has been a real severe weather set up today, but the SPC’s bullseye for the greatest threat is well to our north.  That is where individual super cell storms have formed producing several tornadoes.  IF we are to see any severe weather here, it will likely be caused by straight line winds along a LINE of storms near daybreak.     Watching various local weathercasters, I was disappointed to see they all read from the same playbook.  None of them downplayed our risk, much like last night when nothing happened.     I always worried about crying wolf all the time would result in many folks tuning you out when the threat was real.     Am I saying there is no risk?  Of course not, but show me what NWS & SPC thinks & THEN tell me what your training & experience tells you.   One thing lacking tonight is a drastic temperature contrast behind the front that would enhance lift.   Will we see some strong storms for morning drive?  Probably, but let’s not overhype this threat for us.  The real danger should stay well north of Lake P.  Stay tuned!


Dr. Jeff Masters on has web site is asking folks to support climate scientists thru something called CSLDF. . . Climate Scientists legal Defense Fund.   What this fund will do is try to protect the BILLIONS of dollars our government spends pushing the AGW agenda.     If the Planet continues to warm for the next 5-10 years, I’ll join the AGW bandwagon.  My take is a cooling CYCLE should set in as it always has in past climate history.   We should not have long to wait to see results as the El Nino of 2015 is long gone.   Signs are shaping up for a snowy, cold December to develop during the next 7-10 days.  Remember the snow here in December 2008?  Too warm usually goes to too cold.   We can always dream!

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Pompo/Webmaster said...

Great timing Bob I was just watching the news and looking at the radar I noticed what you just said! when are you coming back on the air!?! HahA! Just Kidding of course!