Thursday, December 29, 2016

Goodbye Tammy, err Debbie...Thanks for the Memories

I think of Bob Hope’s theme song (Thanks for the Memories) when Hollywood Stars of the 30s, 40s, & 60s pass on.  Watching network coverage of Debbie Reynolds’ passing brought back memories of how good looking she was, how good a dancer she was & how good a singer she was…plus she could act!   One song that sits in my mind is her singing of Tammy (Tammy & the Bachelor).  You can find it on You Tube.  It was a way more innocent time of life back then.  No cell phones, no computers, no security cameras needed!  Go listen to it & then go find Debbie singing it in London some 50 years later when she was in her 70s.  Ah Debbie…the Planet is so much better for knowing you.  For she who is given so much (talent), much is to be expected, and you didn’t let us down.  Like Molly Brown, you were unsinkable  & truly will always be my Super Star!


Geez, I guess our recent warm spell spoiled us as just getting back to usual December chill starts me complaining.   It appears the next 7-14 days will see the southern storm track get active again if the computer models are correct.  No Arctic blast is expected into the Deep South, but most of the nation will get January cold-like.  This means the northern parts of the storm track should receive decent snows.   Nah, not here but maybe as far south as Little Rock, Memphis & Nashville.  We’ll be cold on Friday, but that chill quickly retreats for the weekend.    Rain is expected on New Year’s Day & the timing could impact the festivities New Year’s Eve if the rain arrives early.  We could see several waves of low pressure dumps several inches of rain between Sat. night & late Monday.  Temps will rebound back into the 70s until another front arrives a week from today.  Unlike the northern states that get cold and stay cold, the South ping pongs back & forth between Winter & Spring.  Stay tuned!

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