Friday, December 9, 2016

Winter Pipe Rule...

I lived my early life up north (didn’t know any better!) where most homes have basements.   Never did my parents worry about frozen pipes since the pipes were 5 feet under the Earth.   Fast forward to 1983 in my 1st house in Metairie.  We were in a typical house (2,000 sq. ft.) built on a slab.  Temps plunged into the high teens and I found out the next morning I had a frozen pipe in my bedroom wall.  Luckily my neighbor, the late master plumber Mickey Scholl, was able to fix it but he told me what I should have done to prevent ANY pipes from bursting in the future.   I call it the Winter Pipe Rule and have used it ever since.   IF temperatures are expected to fall to 28 degrees or lower for 4 hours or longer, you need to run a pencil thin stream of water from your faucet that is the farthest away from where your main water line enters your house.  I usually run half & half hot & cold water from my kitchen faucet plus the same from my upstairs bathroom faucet.   This current cold spell isn’t expected to dip cold enough for you to need these precautions tonight.   In the future, when there will be a need, I’ll let you know when to use the pipe rule.  


The AGW crowd is going nuts over President-Elect Trump’s appointment for head of EPA.  I think what you’ll see is more of the opposing scientist’s voices who believe global warming is happening, but the driver is not human caused CO2.   During the past 8 years, those voices were not allowed much media coverage as the AGW gang said the science was settled.  Remember the 97% claim?  Except they forgot to tell you the 97% claim amounted to less than 100 scientists who returned the survey.   Hopefully now they will be some civil debate/discussion over facts, but I doubt it.  Expect more yelling & screaming from the Alarmists.  Stay tuned!

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