Friday, January 20, 2017

Careful Crying Wolf...

One of the things I learned during my decades on-air was to be careful when saying bad/severe weather was coming BEFORE it developed.    IF you “cry wolf” too often and the “wolf” never comes, your viewers will quickly turn off saying…”nothing ever happens”.   It’s a great challenge for a weathercaster not to overhype every severe weather threat.  I relied on the brilliant folks at SPC using their information and experience to guide me.  Tonight, SPC is really hyping several potential severe threats for us over night and again Saturday night.   I see no reason to doubt them as an active weather pattern is developing that will trigger storms over the south spreading up the east coast.  I suggest we all pay attention until these threats pass us by Sunday morning.   We have so many ways to keep up on any severe threat now so no one should say…” gee, I didn’t know it was coming.”  Responsibility begins with each of us.


A much colder trend is coming by next weekend that could bring freezing temps down to the Gulf Coast.  This has me concerned as my lemon tree already is full of blossoms.   We have been way too warm for way too long.  Mother Nature has a way to balance out the peaks by usually taking us into the valley.   We have a long way to go before Winter is over.  Stay tuned!

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