Thursday, January 26, 2017

Many Shades of Gray...

For years we have heard that Global Warming means more frequent & severe droughts, tornadoes & hurricanes.  In fact, one alarmist “expert” claimed it will take many years for California to get out of its drought.  Well, today the new drought monitor came out and California is essentially out of its drought due to record rains & snows in December & January.  Historically, their wettest month is February so they have another 6-8 weeks to add on to this wet spell.  What you don’t hear from the media is…”the Alarmists were wrong”.  2 months of heavy precipitation wiped out a 5 year drought.  That’s not what they(alarmists) said would/should happen with global warming.   So what do they do?   Create new alarmist’s stories.  This time from NOAA claiming that sea levels COULD rise 1-8 feet by 2100.  Of course the media took it hook, line & sinker splashing stories about major coastal cities under water 83 years from now.  What bothered me from the get go was the huge range ( 1-8 feet ) they say the models predict.  Plus  knowing none of us will be around to verify the accuracy of the prediction.   What I do know is that there are many shades of gray when it comes to Global Warming.  The AGW crowd believes it’s all black & white.   The extreme “right” believes it’s a hoax.   I see it somewhere in the middle.  What I do know is climate has always been changing and it will continue to change as man cannot stop Mother Nature from going from CYCLE to CYCLE.   As an add on, there has been no increase in the number or intensity of tornadoes & hurricanes due to the current warming CYCLE.


Today felt chilly to me but that’s because I get cold once the temp. gets below 70.  Actually, I felt comfortable with a sweater & jacket this afternoon.   The current cool down should last into next week balancing out the warm January we had the past 2 weeks.   I still don’t see any big East Coast trough developing on computer models that would bring brutal cold down to the Gulf Coast.  Our flowers and plants should react OK as long as temps stay above freezing.  We have about another 5-6 weeks to go before I can declare…”gardeners, start your planting”.  Stay tuned!


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