Monday, January 2, 2017

Models Nailed It...

I often have been critical with weathercasters being “married to the models”.    However, if you recall beginning last Friday most models were calling for 3-6”+ total rainfall over 3 days with some going as high as 10-12”.  Did they nail it?  Absolutely!  The Mississippi Gulf coast had 8-12”+ with most of SE LA in the 4-7” range.  Fortunately it did not fall all at once and the pumps were able to keep up.   It appears we’ll have a couple of days to dry out before we get rainy again for next weekend.   Some models are indicating frozen precipitation over parts of central LA/MS, but I’m not jumping on that bandwagon just yet.   Very cold air is building along the Canadian border, but I don’t see a big dip in the upper steering that will allow that cold to plunge down to us.   It’s something to pay attention to IF low pressure develops along the northern Gulf on Friday dragging the chill down on the backside for Saturday & Sunday.   I’ve had my potted tropical plants back outside during this past rainy spell but I may have to get them back into my heated shed if the cold returns for this coming weekend.   Watching David tonight & he is bullish on the cold coming that will bring freezing temps back to the North Shore.  Since it’s only Monday, we have time to watch it.  Stay tuned!

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