Sunday, March 12, 2017

Blizzard Watch for Northeast...

With the official start of Spring less than 10 days away, old Man Winter is not going down without a fight.   Unless you’ve been in a cave (or out drinking with the Irish), a major snowstorm is forecasted to cripple travel tomorrow & Tuesday for all of the big cities in the North East.   Some computer models are predicting over 2 feet of heavy, wet, heart attack snow.   This comes after a very warm February, but is not unprecedented.  It has happened many times in the past where March snow storms are the biggest, heaviest of the winter season.  Fortunately for us, we’ll just receive some of the cooler air rotating around the backside of the storm which will require sweaters and jackets for the morning hours.   The overnight rainfall here was just what my garden needed.   However, Bubba, my Creole tomato plant still has not produced any blossoms as it enters its second week of life in my garden.   The big news is my satsuma tree appears to finally be producing some fruit.   It’s nothing like my 15 foot grapefruit tree that had over 300+ grapefruits last year.   But I might get 15-20 satsumas for the first time in its 3 year history.   It sure is fun watching things grow and produce flowers & fruit.  I love getting down into the soil and seeing God’s creations do their thing.


Just looking ahead, I do not see any frost or freezing weather coming down to the Gulf Coast in the next 10-14 days.  We will still get several more cold fronts that will require sweaters & jackets and March will not repeat the record warmth of February.  I’m finding it interesting all of the “climate scientists” who have been receiving billions of $$$ in government grants nervous with the new head of the EPA.    That will be the big story over the coming months as the political battles over government funding grants kick into high gear.    Stay tuned!

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