Saturday, March 25, 2017

Breaking News...

I have some breaking news for you.  No, it’s not any severe weather coming in, although we could see some strong storms later this afternoon.   It’s that Bubba has blossoms!   Yep, now I’ll be waiting to see if they produce any tomatoes.  I bought some veggy dust to keep the vermin away, but the plant appears to be in excellent health.  Bozo has some small fruit on it but I’m not confident it will hold.  Grapefruit & lemon are loaded again.


After watching various weather programs last night, everyone was singing the company line from SPC…that we would have some POTENTIAL for severe storms today, especially before noon.  No one gave their opinion as to why that might NOT happen.   Almost noon and some showers are just developing due to daytime heating.    Remember my motto…I’d rather be the only one right than wrong with everyone else.  The younger generation is afraid to fail so they just stick with the NWS guidance without any personal input.     We could see some showers with a few downpours between 2-6 pm, but I do not see the threat for severe weather as the upper energy is pulling away.  SPC doesn’t even have any watches out yet.  Usually they are well ahead of any severe weather.  They still keep us in the “slight” category for this afternoon so keep up on the weather.  Having the FOX 8 weather app is your way to stay tuned!

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