Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fishing Surprises...

Took a fishing trip with Capt. Hylton yesterday and clearly saw signs of our very warm Winter.  I firmly believe we have been in a warming CYCLE since the early 80s, but even I was surprised by the condition of our marsh.   Normally in late March, the grasses would still be very brown from the Winter freezes.  Nope, they were all green & thick, a good sign for a healthy coast.  Usually that doesn’t happen until late April & May, but because of the recent warmth, Mother Nature is running 4-6 weeks early.  A more surprising feature was the appearance of BIG jellyfish.  Not a lot, but the size really stunned me.  They don’t begin showing up like that until May & June.  But there’s more Lee Zurik…   The size of the bait shrimp were HUGE, more like summer than early Spring.  What does it all mean?  No Clue as we only caught 14 trout (4 guys!) even having live bait.   The moral of the story?  A bad day fishing still beats a good day at work!


It remains cold over the Great Lakes & NE but I see no real cold coming back southward for the next 7-10 days.  What will happen will be several stormy periods, the first early Saturday with the second Monday-Tuesday.   It definitely is the time for the Spring Several Weather Season.  


I’m sure many of you heard Dr. Rick Knabb resigned as Director of the National Hurricane Center to join The Weather Channel.  Should that be a concern coming so close to the beginning of the 207 hurricane season?  Not really since the Director is mostly the face for the 10-12 highly trained hurricane specialists/forecasters at NHC.    Long time Deputy Director Ed Rappaport will assume the Director’s position for this season.  He’s no rookie as he served the same role back in 2007.  For us local forecasters who depend on NHC for guidance, the transition should be seamless.  Stay tuned!

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