Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More Severe Threats

Several years ago, a couple of massive tornadoes hit Huntsville, Al. Greenberg, KS. & Joplin, MO.   Many people died despite very good warnings.   During the past 5 years, 2 major communication improvements have lessened the possibilities of death during severe weather episodes.   One is the weather app that is on most folk’s phones & the other is NOAA Weather Radio’s select -ability in warning individual counties/parishes.   Not everyone has a NOAA Weather Radio, but almost everyone has a cellphone.  I don’t fear going to bed anymore when severe weather comes during the night.   I know the FOX 8 Weather App will send the alert/warning that will wake me up if the warning is for my location.      It really is a wonder of modern technology that was not there just a short time ago.  Although I think the real severe threat will stay north of us tonight & tomorrow, it’s comforting to know I’ll be alerted if danger nears.  You too need to download the FOX 8 Weather App.


Looking back on the EF3 tornado several weeks ago, I don’t see the same upper level setup with tonight/Thursday’s threat.   The upper low is much farther to the north and that is where SPC has placed the greatest risk.  However, as David pointed out this evening, there will be an upper level spoke of energy rotating thru during late morning into early PM Thursday.   Another disturbance will approach late Sunday and it is forecasted to be farther south & closer to us.  That may be the system we’ll really need to attract our attention.  We have many days to watch that so let’s focus on overnight & tomorrow.  Know your safe room (usually an interior bathroom), keep your phone charged & on & be ready to react if danger appears imminent.


I have often called the AGW crowd “Alarmists”.    Go read Dr. Master’s Weather Underground diatribe today and you’ll see what I mean.    Donald Trump is killing the Planet with his recent executive orders.  Never mind there are people without jobs trying to figure out how to feed their families NOW.  There are thousands living on the streets because of drugs, poverty & mental illness.  Millions more around the globe struggle for existence due to the lack of reliable & affordable energy.   Instead of trying to solve those problems, the AGW Alarmists want to tax our carbon use (war on fossil fuels)…translation, lower our standard of living.    As I have often stated, we have been in a warming CYCLE since the 80s and, if the history of our Planet is any guide, we’ll resume a cooling CYCLE shortly.   In addition, a warmer Planet is far better than a colder one.  But to think that man can stop the CYCLES of climate change is not what I believe.   Focus our efforts on things we can change rather than on things we cannot.   Dr. Master’s rant was because he knows the gravy train of government grants for climate research will be reduced & spread out to those who believe that CO2 is not the driver of our recent warm cycle.   What a breath of fresh air…a true debate instead of one driven by power & money.  Stay tuned!






Pompo/Webmaster said...

Thank you for your update Bob! Much appreciated!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the reminder about the app!!! I finally got it. It's called "Fox 8 Wx"