Monday, April 17, 2017

Another CYCLE Man...

As many of you know, I am a big fan of CYCLES regarding weather & climate.   A study of geology confirms this “theory” in the history of sedimentary rocks & fossils.   How refreshing it was sitting in a talk at the National Hurricane Conference and hearing about CYCLEs in the patterns of past hurricanes.    The presenter was Dr. Phil Klotzbach , who has taken over for the late Dr. Bill Gray in giving this year’s hurricane forecast.  Dr. Gray was the 1st to discover a pattern to the number of hurricanes in any decade based on a set of parameters that seemed to be connected.  He was often the lone voice stating that climate change was NOT influencing the number or intensity of storms.   So far that has proven correct as we currently are in the longest lull in major U.S. land falling hurricanes.     His prediction for a slightly below average season really doesn’t mean much for us since there is no skill in indicating location or timing.   He indicated that the biggest key for this season is whether another El Nino develops.  If it does, that is bad news for hurricanes.    I’ll be back down at the Hurricane Conference for the next 3 days.  Stay tuned!


Got home to find my garden got a good soaking with over 2”+ of much needed rainfall.   We are getting into the time of the year where storm totals get very spotty.  One area could get several inches while a few blocks away very little falls.   It’s called summer in the south, although temperature-wise we remain not so hot…just yet.

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