Sunday, April 16, 2017

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance...

I’m reading a book by a local author/Doctor friend (Rob Muller) called Hospital Emergency Management.   The timing is perfect since the 2017 National Hurricane Conference begins Monday here in New Orleans.   I’ll be listening to talks all week describing lessons learned from past storms and how to prevent future mistakes.  2 of my colleagues (David Bernard & Nicondra Norwood) at FOX 8 will be speakers and I look forward to their presentations.   The 2017 seasonal hurricane  forecast always draws the biggest crowds even though its value is very limited.   People want to know the future despite the uncertainty of the forecast and the limited skill involved.  Will we see a threat or two this summer?  Probably, but that’s just because of our location in the center of the Gulf Coast.  What concerns me is the record lack of a major land falling hurricane crossing the U.S. Coastline.  It’s been 12 years since Wilma back in 2005.   Sooner or later, the law of averages takes over.   What I’m hearing is the total number of named storms will be below normal due to a small El Nino that is expected to appear during the next 3-6 months.  But you’ve heard the sermon before…it only takes one.   I’ll have more during the week.  Stay tuned!


Weather wise, we are on the last 2-3 weeks of comfortable weather before you know what’s coming.    Usually by the 2nd & 3rd weeks in May, the climbing temps into the upper 80s combined with the tropical muggies make many of us dreading the next 4-5 months.   Frankly, I can deal with the heat better than the cold of Winter.  We are past any real cold, but I expect we could see another front or two pass through bringing drier air that will make for comfy cool nights.  That won’t happen this week, but it won’t be unbearably hot either.

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