Sunday, May 7, 2017

1st Weekend in May...

Back when I was young in my 20s, I didn’t remember much about the past since it was so short.  We thought about the future which was such a long time to go.  Now that I’m approaching 70 and the future is obviously much shorter, us old folks remember the past since it’s so much longer now.   When I arrived in New Orleans in 1978, the 1st weekend in May was not all about Jazz Fest since it was just starting to grow into the huge event it is now.  The 1st weekend in May was Kentucky Derby weekend and, back then, Ch. 8 was an ABC affiliate which carried the derby (now on NBC).  Ch. 8 would throw an enormous Derby party for local advertisers & Ad agencies at one of the downtown hotels with buku food & drinks.  It was a way to say thank you for spending money with Ch. 8.  On-air anchor people were invited and it was the first time I felt I was in “big market” TV.   Well those days are long gone.  Most TV stations are ruled by corporate bean counters (look at Ch. 4…Laura Buchtel quit last May & they still haven’t replaced her) and the excesses of the past are no more.   The Zoo-To-Do was also on the 1st Friday of May and that was a special night for me as I did a live remote from under the oaks.     Now the big event is Jazz Fest and it was such a great weekend to be outdoors.  Low humidity & comfy warm temps made for near perfect conditions to be outside.   As we all know, this will not last much longer.  The deeper we get into May, the higher the humidity & temperatures will get.  Usually by the 15-20th, we know the summer heat is on.   This week should stay tolerable with highs mid 80s.  Our next rain chance will arrive on Friday and by then my garden will need it.   We could see another front push through for the weekend with some drier air, but after that, the heat will be on.


There are growing signs that an El Nino is trying to form.  That would be good news for our upcoming hurricane season as El Ninos increase wind shear over our part of the Tropics.  Who really knows?  Hurricane Season begins in a little over 3 weeks.  Stay tuned!

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