Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bubba Update...

To my surprise, when I returned from a 4 day trip to Montana, the 1st 3 tomatoes on Bubba had turned a deep red.    Fortunately, no birds interfered with my harvest and the 1st thing I did was make a tomato sandwich.  Took 2 slices of wheat bread + some mayo and a little salt added to 4 slices of tomato and….yummm!  Next I’m thinking of adding tomato to my Friday grilled cheese.   I still have 21 fruits on Bubba to I should be enjoying my crop well into & thru June.


Perhaps you’ve heard that some of the Hurricane seasonal forecasters have updated their April predictions.  Yea I know, we’re still in May and more updates are coming next week from NOAA and from others in June.  Bottom-line,  these preseason forecasts have almost zero value.   The newest updates now say El Nino may not be coming on and the MDR is seeing warming water temps.  That points to a more active season.  But so what?   We won’t prepare any differently.  We won’t be more or less vigilant.   We’ll just stay ready as always. 


The unusual dip in the jet stream that has settled over the central plains & Great Lakes has one last piece of energy rotating around the southern end.  It should bring us another round of showers and storms between midnight & 4 am with some heavy downpours likely.   Keep your phone near your bed so if severe weather hits, the FOX 8 Weather App will alert you to the danger.  I think the severe risk is quite low, but this is a pretty strong upper disturbance and we can’t rule out one or two strong to severe storms.   The good news is Wednesday & Thursday look terrific with below normal temps. & low humidity.   By Friday, the muggies return and this weekend will finally feel Summer-like.   Stay tuned!

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