Monday, June 26, 2017

A Salute to a Great Man...

I learned today that my long time eye surgeon, Dr. Richard Hesse passed away last Saturday.  He was only 73. Dr. Hesse was a giant in his field and I trusted him to Botox the muscles around my eye that were causing the left side of my face to “twitch”.   I have a condition called “Blepharospasm” caused by a wandering artery in my brain.  Most of you never knew it since Dr. Hesse was so good at keeping this condition under control.   It required not only steady hands & expert touch, but Dr. Hesse had to insure the proper dosage of Botox was used.   It is a great loss for me, but a greater loss for his Family & our community.   I will miss his wit and smile and his skill.  RIP Doc.


Finally a dry day!   It’s rare to get a front down to the Gulf coast in late June.  In fact, we don’t want fronts coming into the Gulf during this time of the year as that’s how Hurricane Alicia formed back in 1983.  However, just to have some drier air move over us was a real treat.   It won’t last very long and I expect the daily spotty storms to be back by Wednesday.  We still haven’t seen any signs that a heat wave (95-100) is coming and we’re almost through 1/3 of Meteorological Summer.   In the Pacific, Hurricane Dora has developed a sharp eye on satellite loops but it is moving away from land.   Nothing is happening in the Atlantic and that’s the way we want it.  Stay tuned!

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