Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I Feel Your Pain...

I just returned from a weekend up north attending a family graduation.  I’m told it’s been raining almost every day since I left on Friday.  Well, how would you like it to be raining with temps in the 50s instead of the 70s & 80s?  Yep, Boston set a new record “low high” today.  When I left this morning up there, it was 49 degrees with a NE wind at 24 gusting to 30+ and raining.   Talk about crummy!   Could wait to get off the plane in NOLA and smell the mildew and feel the warmth.  Welcome home baby!   All I heard was how terrible the weather has been for the past 3 months in Boston.   Cold temps with lots of cloudy days make for many depressed people.   But remember, Boston’s mayor (Marty Walsh) along with NOLA’s mayor has signed a letter protesting President’s Trump’s cancelling the Paris Climate agreement.  Seems like any time Al Gore or other Climate Alarmists rant & rave, it’s during  either a snow storm or cold spell.   Ironic.


I stepped out tonight to brisk north winds and a different feel to the air.  An unusually deep upper trough is bringing a cold front to the Gulf south that should keep our highs below 90 for the next several days.  You should feel the coolness in the morning hours when temps will dip to the 50s on the North Shore with 60s south away from Lake P.    Any time we can keep highs below 90 is a plus in June.   We should be back to typical June heat & humidity and daily showers by the end of the weekend.    The first week of Hurricane season will end on a quiet note with no signs for development.   There are hints that tropical activity might form over the western Gulf towards the end of the month.   I don’t get too worried about something that isn’t there yet.  Stay tuned!

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Robear said...

I have to ask.... HOW can they predict something POSSIBLY forming ANYWHERE, let alone the Western Gulf.... ALMOST A MONTH IN ADVANCE....!?!? How is that possible?!