Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Midday Update

As NHC noted at 10 AM, satellite pictures hint at TC #3 getting a better circulation.  However, there still is not one clearly defined center and I have no clue how NHC can give it a NW motion at 9 mph.  It almost looks stationary to me.  A plane is heading over it and we’ll have better info later this pm.    Checked the Gulf buoys & noted that pressure are NOT falling.  In fact, in most cases they are rising telling me this system is not getting stronger right now.   The new NHC track has kept the previous “trending” westward landfall with the centerline now just into east Texas west of the LA. Border.  That really doesn’t matter since this is more a hybrid/sub-tropical system and impacts are spread out far away from the center.   We need not worry about  major impacts since upper level shearing remains in place limiting any development.   Earlier I thought NHC had to name this system just to verify their 90% chance for development, but I’m not so sure anymore.   We will stay under a flood watch for the next 1-2 days but it appears the rainfall will be spread out over many hours and our pumps should be able to handle it.  As long as TC #3 doesn’t stall and we get no training bands of heavy rainfall, this system will be mostly a nuisance.  You can keep up to date by having the FOX 8 Hurricane App and/or watching FOX 8 at noon/4,5, 9 & 10 PM.  I’ll have another update tonight.  Stay tuned!


Timothy Steere said...

Thanks Bob!
Question, why are some (all?), calling this a Cyclone? I thought only Pacific storms were 'Cyclones' ?

David Sr. Dean said...

Bob. Thank God we can still get your very respected opinion on our unique weather here in New Orleans. We love you and we miss you, but will keep coming here for your BLOG!