Saturday, June 10, 2017

Model Mania...

Several days ago I mentioned that some models were “hinting” that tropical development might happen over the Western Gulf down the road.  The past 2 days, models are trying to form something over the western Caribbean and move it northwestward into the northern Gulf.     None of the models show a strong storm developing, but never let facts get in the way of a good story.   Bloggers are going into feeding frenzy mode when there is nothing there yet and strong upper level winds should hang around for the next 5-7 days.   Could something develop next weekend that we’ll need to pay attention to?  Sure, but there is nothing there yet.   I am not one to raise the anxiety levels unless there is a need, and so far there is no need.


As I age, I realize my memory may not be as sharp anymore, but I really can’t remember a May-early June spell of such “cool” weather.  I was out power washing my back patio this afternoon and barely broke a sweat.  In the past I’d be dripping after a few minutes.    Sure it’s warm to hot, but it just doesn’t feel like I remember the past summers feeling.   Tonight’s satellite loop shows a surge of moisture heading northward from the central Gulf.  Coupled with daytime heating, I expect we’ll see a much better rain chance Sunday & Monday.  Our current dry spell is just what my yard needed after the rains of early June.   The sunshine has really helped bring back the blooms to my many flowers.  The potted plants need daily watering, but the in ground plants are doing just fine.   I have noticed more mosquitoes the past 2 nights & that’s expected after a rainy stretch.  Make sure you empty out any standing water in the base of your potted plants as those tiny critters don’t need much water to breed.  Stay tuned!

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KP said...

Agree 100%!! May was wonderful, and June has been delightful so far. I cannot remember a spring with such pleasant certainly has been better than was predicted here:

Is there a good website with historical temperatures for New Orleans (for comparison purposes)?