Sunday, August 6, 2017

Franklin Likely to be Named...

All of the named storms this season have been weak & didn’t last very long.  Tonight’s satellite loop shows a flair up of storms over the western Caribbean which NHC says will likely become our 6th named storm shortly.   It’s fighting an upper low ahead of it so rapid intensification is not expected.  However, once this system enters the extreme southern Gulf, he’s likely to rapidly strengthen into a hurricane before making landfall far south of Brownsville.  Of note, it’s now 4,306 days since we last had a major (Cat. 3+) hurricane cross the U.S. coastline.  Not much is said about that since the climate change alarmists predicted we would see more frequent & stronger hurricanes with global warming.   The exact opposite has happened.  Surely it’s about time the law of averages takes over and we see a couple of big storms during the next 6-8 weeks, at which time the AGW crowd will scream…”see we told you so” when it’ll only be Mother Nature going through the CYCLE process that’s on going since the beginning of time.    None of the long range models are predicting a threat to the U.S. during the 7-14 day time frame.  However, I’m expecting a big ramp up in activity for the last 10 days of August through most of September as the MJO (Madden-Jullian Oscillation) becomes more favorable.  Let’s just hope any storms go somewhere else.


For the 2nd time in 3 weeks, a heavy T-Storm developed over Orleans Parish & the CBD.  I was stuck getting off the Natchez the first storm and Saturday night’s flood almost cancelled our going to White Linen night.  Cedric Grant (Head of Sewer & Water Board) said it’s “the new normal” for these heavy storms because of climate change.   I guess he listens exclusively to Al Gore?   I try to read as many articles as I can on both sides of the debate and know that  there has been no increase in the number of tornadoes & hurricanes , but there might be a slight increase in the number of flood events.   Saturday night’s down pour was 6-8” in 2-3 hours, way more than the capacity of our sewer system.  Is it really climate change?  But what about the contrarian signs for tornadoes & hurricanes?   We know we are in a warming CYCLE and that supports heavier rain storms.  But to blame every weather extreme on climate change tells me it’s agenda driven because the facts don’t fully support the “story”.


Had a great time Friday night going to “visit my Mama in Thibodaux”.    (remember that promo back in the 70s of the lady in curlers trying to get her husband to watch me?)  Of course it wasn’t my Mama but the mother of our dear friend Mark Ledet.  The occasion was his Dad’s 80 birthday and my wife & I truly enjoyed meeting his family.   Stay tuned!

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