Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Autumn Nudging Closer...

We are hanging on to summer-like heat & humidity, but you don’t need to go too far NW to enjoy a taste of Autumn.  Oklahoma City stayed in the 60s all day as did Kansas City & Omaha.  This front is moving slower than a nudist climbing a barbed wire and will not plow through with any sharp temperature changes.  Rather, expect a slow decline in highs from 90+ tomorrow to the low to mid 80s by Saturday & Sunday.   What we should notice is the drier feel to the air and that, hopefully, will help my allergies.   I go to the Doc tomorrow to get my “butt shot” of steroids that usually knocks them down.   Don’t look for sweater weather anytime soon as the next REAL cold front is not likely until mid-October.


Maria & Jose are still off the east coast and heading away from the U.S.   Our attention now shifts to the western Caribbean and southern Gulf, where models are hinting at some development during the next 5-7 days.  NHC is giving it a 20% chance so RIGHT NOW they are not too concerned.   The “Fat Lady” has taken her Uber to the Coast since I’ve postponed her concert until more fronts start coming.  Talking with David Bernard today and his feelings are we should see 2-3 more named storms in October.  That is based on a continuation of our active season so far.  I don’t disagree, however, the deeper we get into October, the better our chances are for any storm to turn to the east or stay far to the south as the upper westerlies gradually take over.  Pretty incredible that every day this month we have had a storm to track.  Stay tuned!

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