Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tropics Settling Down, But not For Long...

Maria has weakened to a tropical Storm and will begin her NE turn away from the U.S.  Lee is still a small, but intense hurricane way out in the Atlantic and will not threaten any land.  For the next 7-10 days, models quiet down the Tropics but continue to hint that something will form in the 10-14 day time frame either in the western Caribbean or southern Gulf.  For that reason, the “Fat Lady” will have her Uber circle the block.  We will see a weak cold front slide through late Friday into Saturday, but this front will not bring much in the way of cooler air.  In fact, models indicate the 1st two weeks in October will stay warm, perhaps even longer.  For that reason, I am not comfortable saying our hurricane season is over even though most October storms stay to our south & east.  This is not a typical hurricane season and until fronts start coming on a regular basis,  we will have to pay attention to the Gulf & western Caribbean. 


Cleveland hit 101 today with Chicago & Detroit 90+.  Our 88 seemed comfortable compared to folks up north.  The next 3 days we’ll flirt with 90+ before that weak front knocks us down a few degrees for Saturday & Sunday.  My allergies have also kicked in for the first time since last September.  Not sure what pollen or mold spores trigger the reaction, but it happens every year.  The tickly throat, the sinus pressure & the feeling in your head that all you want to do is sleep are my symptoms.   I’ll probably have to go see my ENT Doc to get a steroid shot.  That usually knocks it out.   Hang in there allergy sufferers.  Stay tuned!

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