Saturday, October 28, 2017

As Cold As I Want it...

Just returned from 2 great fishing days with Capt. Hylton out of Shell Beach.  This is the best time of the year to fish since temperatures are comfortable and you don’t have to go on long boat rides to find fish.  Went out to dinner tonight with my leather jacket on & I was still cold.  What a difference a few weeks makes with the strength of cold fronts.  Thankfully the cold doesn’t linger here and we’ll be back into the 70s maybe as soon as Monday.  This coming week will not see another front as the upper flow will turn more west to east (zonal) keeping the real cold far to our north.  Rain chances may increase later in the week, but all in all, no major storms are expected. 


Tropical Storm Philippe was named this morning.  There is an ill-defined center south of Fort Myers and it will accelerate across south Florida tonight and head towards the Carolinas tomorrow.  It should become more a hybrid ( winter-like) storm that could move on a track similar to Hurricane Sandy back in 2012.  The Northeast could be in for heavy rains, high winds & some storm surge flooding depending on the track of Philippe.  Of course our concerns are not with Philippe, but on whether our Saints can beat Da Bears tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

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