Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Cold Air Continues To Build...

Thank goodness David returned from vacation as he is the only weathercaster that, at this time of the year, knows  it’s important to show the national temperature map.  In fact, I often would even show the temperatures up in Canada & Alaska since that often is the source region for our cold.  Looking at Alaska today finds some locations below zero, a sure sign that the Arctic cold is developing.   What will bring that cold southward into the lower 48 will be persistent east coast upper air troughs.  Such is the case for this week and it’s why we are seeing front after front coming our way.   Dew points have dropped into the 30s & 40s giving that crisp Fall feeling to the air.   You’ll need sweaters and jackets through midday on Wednesday and again early on Thursday before we see a brief warm up for Thursday PM into Friday.  An even stronger front is coming for this weekend that could have parts of the North Shore near freezing on Sunday morning…and it’s only October!   The question is…will this upper pattern set up for the coldest part of the Winter season?  Could be interesting come December, January & February!


NHC still believes some type of tropical system could develop later this week over the western Caribbean.  Since strong westerly winds (shear) cover all of the Gulf, IF anything does develop, it will be forced eastward over Cuba & east of Florida.  With more frequent & colder fronts coming, the northern Gulf will quickly cool down robbing any tropical system the fuel needed to keep it alive.  Stay tuned!

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