Sunday, October 15, 2017

Finally Relief...

I mentioned that I was going to the LSU game yesterday, and what a game it was.   However, my friends & I didn’t watch the come from behind win in the stadium, but rather in an Air Conditioned sports bar.  Our seats were on the east side(sun side) of the stadium and we knew it would be hot.  But after enduring the heat for the 1st quarter into the second, we made a decision to leave as none of us (all 70+) were feeling very good despite trying to stay hydrated.  Emergency medical reports indicated many people were treated for heat related symptoms during the game.  I’m sure, if we stayed, we would have been in that number.  Never in my life have I been that hot.  I know having a day game in mid-October is not what LSU wants, but they are controlled by the SEC contracts with the CBS network who owns broadcasting rights.   CBS wanted Alabama-Arkansas in prime time, and rightfully so since ‘Bama is #1 in the polls.  But really having a day game in September or the 1st 3 weeks into October should be banned just for the safety of the fans.  I realize that will never happen since big money is involved, but I needed to vent.  


The first real front since mid-September will arrive before daybreak bringing brisk north winds, much lower humidity & much cooler temperatures.  We will enjoy 3-4 days of sunshine and comfortable temperatures before the muggies return in earnest for next weekend.   That surge of Gulf moisture could bring a heavy rain threat for the many Fairs that are scheduled for Friday through Sunday.   Long range, an even stronger cold front will blast through around the 10-14 day time frame.   That will bring out the sweaters and jackets for a while.  Word has it that the “Fat Lady” has landed and will be on stage tomorrow night ready to belt out her hit record,…”Turn Out the Lights”.  Stay tuned!

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