Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Finally Some November Coolness Coming...

The first week in November has been way above the long term average/normal.  A cold front will arrive during the afternoon hours on Wednesday bringing us back to more seasonal temperatures.   This is not an Arctic front, but it should be enough of a cool down to bring back the sweaters and jackets.  Rain chances will not be great, but some spots might get .25-.50”.  Milder air returns by the weekend, but highs should stay below 80.  As a fisherman, here’s what I’ve learned during the past 4 weeks.  The late October cold fronts lowered water temperatures with numerous large speckled trout showing up inside, meaning no long boat rides are required.   Going with Capt. Hylton out of Shell Beach found us making 3 straight trips where we “limited out”.  Most of the trout were in the 13-15” range with few, if any, throw backs (under 12”) plus artificial lures (plastics) worked as well or better than live shrimp.    Fast forward into November with the recent warm up.   We have had 2 straight trips where we failed to reach our daily limits.  In addition, the size of the trout fell off dramatically with half the caught fish being throw backs.   Translation…cold weather brings fish into tighter schools, whereas the warmer weather allows the fish to spread out and become harder to find.   Moral of the story?   Don’t bother fishing again until more cold fronts start coming.  Retirement has allowed me to go fishing more often and I’m amazed at how Mother Nature and her creatures interact.


NHC had to name Rina as the 17th storm of 2017.   With 3 weeks to go, we still could see 1-2 more named storms.  They would form either way down in the Caribbean or way out in the Atlantic.  Next up will be Sean.


Watching local weathercasters is fun as I find several use clichés over and over again.  Here are several…”not going to be a wash out”… “Forecast is not written in stone”…”getting its act together”…”dodging the bullet”.  I’m sure some of you have many more examples.  Stay tuned!

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