Sunday, November 12, 2017

Waiting For the Storm...

As a youngster, I remember around Thanksgiving time would usually be our first real snowstorm.  (I lived up north)  Children love snow and playing in it.  Adults have to deal with the problems it causes (slow traffic, longer drive time into work,  more accidents).   There are hints that such a storm may develop along the east coast during Thanksgiving week so any of you planning to visit relatives or friends should pay attention to the weather as there could be some major travel delays.   The only effect we should see is colder temperatures, not this coming week but the following week.   There’s plenty of Arctic air over northern Canada, but Alaska remains fairly mild.  My experience tells me to look to Alaska for our future cold and right now there is not much.    We do have another weak front coming that will bring drier air back, but it won’t bring any major cool down.  In fact, this should be a very nice week with highs 70-ish and lows in the 50s.


NHC is still trying to get to the name of Sean as they say a disturbance way out in the Atlantic is showing signs of organization.   The way our boys are playing, they should name it Hurricane Sean.  Who Dat!!!


Today I was honored to attend the 95th Birthday of Lem McCoy up on the North Shore.   He is still remarkably sharp and is my motivation for living a long life.  We all know the most important thing as we get older is good health.  You can’t buy it or stop the aging process.  Usually hereditary (genes) is the determining factor.  Both my Grandfathers lived to 88 with one Grandmother reaching 94.   I’m just happy living day to day and not looking too far ahead.  No one is promised tomorrow, as I well know.  Stay tuned!

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