Friday, November 10, 2017

We Are So Beautiful...

Today I was out golfing with a couple from Salt Lake City, Utah. Of course I was bundled up as temps at 9:30 were still in the 50s.  The fella from Utah was wearing shorts while his lady friend said…”gee, if it were like this all the time (cool with low humidity) I might move here”.     Well we all know a day like today is special and because we see so few days like this, I think we appreciate it more.  If you live in San Diego or Boulder, you have 300 days like this and perhaps just take them for granted?   But not here, we cherish these beautiful days after a 6 month stretch of hot & humid.   Alas, it won’t last much longer as the muggies come back tomorrow PM.  The next 7-10 days will see temperatures recover into the 70s with our next bout of Arctic air not coming until after the 20th.   We could then go into a really cold period that lasts well into December.  But for today…We Are So Beautiful!


NOAA came out with a statement saying we are officially in a “LA Nina”.   They say that typically means our Winter will be dry & mild.   However, WeatherBell Analytics believes this Winter could turn much colder than the past several with this morning’s low at International Falls (-13) a possible preview.    Fortunately, our Saints game in Buffalo is this weekend where it will be chilly (40-45), but not frigid.   Winds are not expected to be strong (SE 8-15) so weather should not be an excuse for either team.    Hopefully Drew’s cold weather experience in his youth (Purdue) will help his accuracy and he’ll lead us to # 7 in a row.  Who Dat!

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