Thursday, November 9, 2017

Welcomed Cooldown....

As most of you know, I hate really cold weather.   This recent cold front is as cold as I need it.  It brought out the sweaters & jackets, took away the muggies and made it feel good to be outdoors if you were dressed for it.   I dread what’s coming, but it’s supposed to be cold in December, January & February.  I’ll suck it up, bring out the heavy weather gear and not complain too much unless it dips below freezing for a long spell.  This current cooling won’t last but another day before the weekend turns milder.   Friday’s sunshine should make for a beautiful day before some clouds and more humidity returns over the weekend.   Rain chances look limited as no new fronts are expected into next week.   Long range, some really cold air may arrive after the 15th, so our warm start to November could end on a chilly final 2 weeks.  


Thank goodness our Saints are in Buffalo in early November and not December.  Sure it’ll be cold this weekend (40-45), but our boys will not have to deal with any lake effect snows that can happen at this time of the year.  Rain chances are low so weather should not be a factor.  Remember, Drew Brees played at Purdue so he knows what it’s like to endure cold weather.   I’m confident that,  IF the offense can score 20-25 points, this year’s defense can hold Buffalo under 20.  If you’re going there, prepare with your winter weather gear.   Who dat!

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