Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas Week Travel...

When my kids were younger and we went “Home” (Hammond, IN.) for Christmas, I really paid attention to the weather the week before Christmas.  Of course the kids wanted for it to snow, and so did I, but not until we got there first.   I know many of you will be travelling this week and the only issues will be farther to the north. (Unless you are in Atlanta tonight were they have no power!)  Another Arctic blast will plunge out of Canada and reach us sometime for late NEXT weekend.   The next 5-7 days will be very mild across all of the Gulf South so there will be no worries about icy road conditions until the days AFTER Christmas, and even then any frozen precipitation should stay over north Louisiana at the closest.   I’ve been watching how the cold air is building over Alaska with the North Slope now 15-20 below zero.  This next Arctic blast could be colder than two weeks ago, but RIGHT NOW the models do not indicate low pressure forming along the front after we get into the deep cold.   Things could change, and remember in a previous blog how I mentioned how Mother nature often repeats herself.  Could we see 2 snows in December over SE LA/MS?   Just trying to get you snow freaks going!


With all the warm & wet weather coming this week, I’ve moved my potted plants back out of my shed.   I’ve noticed the recent warm up has started my potted lemon tree to bud out.  Really don’t want that since it’s too big & heavy to move.  I’m concerned that this next cold spell will be stronger and longer than the previous one 2 weeks ago.   “Twas the week before Christmas and all over the nation, the snow freaks were hoping for some Winter salvation.    The roar from the north was loud & obscene, as the wind & cold air made many people scream.   On Dasher & Dancer, Prancer & Boudreaux, all we southerners want is some measurable snow.  So here’s to the folks who want to see white, may your prayers be answered and to all a good night !”    Stayed tuned!  He-He

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