Monday, December 18, 2017

Oh Woe Be California...

We all have been seeing the video of the huge & destructive Thomas fire outside Los Angeles.  Tonight’s network videos showed miles of blackened mountain sides that are sure indications of imminent future mudslides once the winter rainy season kicks in.   Don’t be surprised to see whole mountain sides collapse if prolonged heavy rains arrive.   It is like kicking sand on someone who already is knocked down.   Don’t get me wrong, I understand people settle in California because of the climate & topography.  But you need to understand there are risks ( just like us and hurricanes) where you live and I feel many folks have chosen California without knowing those risks.  They know the earthquake threat, but do most know the fire & mudslide risks?   The old-timers sure do, but how many millions are newcomers and have no previous experience with these dangers?    Let’s just hope that when all the fires are finally out, folks realize there is still great dangers to come.


We are back in a very mild pattern that promotes almost daily fog.  The airmass is totally “ juiced”  and any little upper disturbance coming along triggers tropical downpours like what drenched the North Shore this morning.  While the South Shore saw very limited rain amounts, across the Lake, some spots received 2-4” flooding many neighborhoods.   It appears most showers will stay to our north & west on Tuesday with a better rain chance coming for Wednesday.  The real changes will occur this weekend as I have mentioned an Arctic blast colder than 2 weeks ago could bring us freezing temperatures for Sunday through much of next week.  Too soon to know if we could see another southern snow event, but why not!    I missed the last one so I’d welcome another chance to see the white stuff.  Stay tuned!

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