Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore...

Each day I get up to cold, clouds and some rain and I think what was that depressing song from my youth…”the sun ain’t gonna shine anymore”.   Did a Google search and found it was originally recorded by Frankie Valli back in 1965, but it was a group called the Walker Brothers that had the hit we baby boomers remember in 1966.    We all know the sun really is there and one day the clouds will break. But Geez, enough is enough.  Without sunshine we don’t feel as energized.  It’s harder to wake up and easier to take that afternoon nap.    Without sunshine, our bodies suffer from low vitamin D.   We seem to get sick easier.   I will welcome & appreciate the day the sunshine returns as I feel this week has put us in the deepest, darkest valley.   Also, after watching the video from folks up north struggling with the snow & ice, the Earth fares way better in a warming climate compared to a colder one.   Notice how difficult it is to survive when the ice & snow rule.    


Well today’s model runs remain consistent in bringing us a freeze event next week.  We will see some warming for Friday & Saturday into early Sunday before another Arctic blast arrives New Year’s Eve & Day.  The North Shore will need to prepare for a hard freeze( 18-22) with a moderate (24-28) freeze likely Tuesday & Wednesday on the South Shore away from Lake Pontchartrain.  I will pick the last 50+ of my grapefruit by Sunday and will move all of my potted plants inside my back shed where I’ll have a 100 watt light bulb providing enough heat to prevent any cold damage.  I will lose some of my in ground plants, but that’s the fun of gardening.  Cutting back on dead stalks, allowing new sprouts to grow & replanting in the Spring is what happens after the Winter chill.   I know many of you love this cold, but I am not one of them.  The only good that comes out of the cold is no hurricanes.  I guess I can endure another 2 months of misery.  Get prepared for next week’s chill & Stay tuned!


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