Monday, January 15, 2018

Cold Enough, but Limited Moisture...

As I mentioned last night, we’ll be cold enough for some frozen precip. Late Tuesday PM into early on Wednesday.   However, we’re more likely to see some sleet (ice pellets) than snow flakes.   Chances appear greatest north of the Lake, but even there it doesn’t look very likely.  What is likely is the coldest air of this winter will spread all the way down to the coast so that Wed. & Thursday mornings will require full precautions (running water) to prevent busted pipes.   I will re-cover my potted plants that stay outside while I’ll leave the others in my heated shed.    RIGHT NOW, my projections haven’t changed from last night, which were 15-20 across the North Shore and 23-28 South of Lake P.    Since the water temperatures in Lake Pontchartrain are back in the mid to upper 40s, the “lake effect” will not be that great.   As David pointed out this evening, this Arctic blast will be as strong as our earlier ones, but it shouldn’t  last as long with a marked warm up coming for this weekend.   In fact, beginning Saturday into most of next week, it will be much milder.  These cold outbreaks are nothing new as we are about to enter the coldest  time of the year, historically.   Most of the record lows for the next 3 weeks are in the teens, so this next outbreak is far from record breaking.   We have no issues tonight so do not run any water.  We’ll revisit tomorrow night, but it appears most of us will have many hours (6-10) below 28 degrees south of the Lake with the North Shore much colder.    Saw a picture of John Snell vacationing at West Yellowstone dressed like Na Nook of the North.  If you choose to be cold, I have no problem with that.   But Please John, DO NOT bring back the cold to Louisiana!   Meteorological Spring (March 1st) is only six weeks away.  Stay tuned!

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