Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Night Owl's Delight...

Many people love to be sky watchers whether it be comets, eclipses or just daily sun rises and/or sets.  Tomorrow morning is one of those special mornings where before sunrise you can get up to see a lunar eclipse (blood moon), a blue moon (second full moon in the same month) and a “super” moon (moon closest to Earth)…what’s called an astronomy TRIFECTRA.   Since I don’t wake up until 7 AM, I’ll miss it all.  However, in this day & age of social media & technology, you’ll be able to watch it with one or two key strokes on your computer.    The Astronomers claim this trifecta hasn’t happened for 35 years.   That’s not quite enough for me to give up on sleep.   Those of you who set your alarms to watch it, let me know if it was worth it.


The good news weather wise is I see no hard freeze coming back to the South Shore during the next 10-14 days.   Unfortunately, there is lots of bad news when it comes to parade watching.   In the short term, we’ll see a warm up for Wednesday and Thursday with a cool down for the weekend.   Some rain could cause problems late Saturday into Sunday but temps will remain seasonal for late January.   Next week’s rain threat seems highest on Friday with Saturday & Sunday dry but quite chilly.  Mardi Gras still looks to be wet & cold, but that’s a long way out.   Stay tuned!

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