Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...

At least to me this weather is frightful as the South is not equipped to deal with ice & snow.   Hopefully most of you are already home with no need to get back in a car to travel until after sunrise.  Radar is indicating a mixture of rain, sleet & snow approaching from the west at 7 PM and since temperatures have reached freezing, I expect roads to quickly ice over making for dangerous road conditions for the rest of tonight.    Please do not allow your teenagers to have the car keys tonight!   This Arctic blast is colder than the one in December and we’ll see many hours below the 28 degree mark requiring you to run your water (both hot & cold) tonight and again tomorrow night.  No need to start that until you go to sleep and then turn it off once temps get back to freezing tomorrow.  That may not happen much before noon time despite the fact the sun will be out.   Thursday morning could be equally as cold with a slow warm up beginning Thursday PM.  The real thaw arrives on Friday when we could top 60 with Saturday & Sunday near 70+.   That should mean we’re likely to see lots of sea fog for Saturday night into Monday.  But of course the main excitement is tonight as some snow should whiten the ground on the North Shore with even some south of Lake P. between 8-midnight.   After this cold spell we’ll enjoy a milder stretch for most of next week.  However, Winter is long from over as February could see several more blasts from da north.   Stay tuned!

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