Monday, January 1, 2018

Pipe Rule Works...

The low this morning at MSY dipped to 28 and stayed there for several hours.   I had no issues at my house & I did not run any water.  I have a slab home so none of my pipes are exposed.    Tonight will likely be different as the lows will fall to 15-20 on the North Shore and 20-25 south of Lake P.   We are likely to set  record lows with full precautions needed on both sides of the Lake.  Again, don’t start dripping water until after the temps get below 30, probably around 9-10 PM on the South Shore.  This is the coldest air mass in many years to invade the lower 48 and it’ll take several days before it begins to move out.  Look for below freezing temps for the next 4 mornings before a huge warm up arrives for the weekend.  FYI…computer guidance has Slidell down to 13 degrees in the morning, 16 for Wed. AM & 19 on Thursday AM.  For MSY, it has 23 for Tues. AM, 24 for Wed. AM & 26 on Thursday morning.   It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this kind of cold across the deep South and I’m afraid it’ll result in extensive crop/plant damage.   Let’s try to avoid costly plumbing problems by dripping your water from the faucet farthest from where your water line enters your home.  If you don’t know where that is, do what I do.  I’ll drip both hot & cold (pencil thin stream) water in my second story bathroom and the same from my kitchen sink downstairs with the cabinet doors open in both locations.  I’ll start that before I go to sleep around 11 PM and end it around 8 AM IF the temps gets back to 28 +.   Again, use common sense.  We don’t want to get water pressure so low that our fire fighters can’t put out fires.   Happy New Year with hopes of warmer air by the weekend.  Stay tuned!

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