Sunday, January 14, 2018

This Will Take a While to Get Over...

There are times in football when you know the other team is just better, but somehow you pull out a win on a freak play at the end of the game.   Today’s game was such a game, except we were the better team and the Vikings won it on a freak play…or should we say, a missed tackle.   Were these Saints good enough to get to another Super Bowl?  We’ll never know, but my hunch tells me they were.  Could this defense have any chance against Tom Brady & the Patriots?  Probably not, but we’ll never know as our season is over.  However, the future is bright as this is a very young team that should only get better…provided management resigns Drew Brees.  Drew looked like a 39 year old in the first half, but showed he still has “it” in the second half.    Most quarterbacks never have “it”, some have “it” for a few seasons, but very few have “it” for decades.   I remember the terrible error Jim Finks made by not resigning Bobby Hebert back when we had the best defense in the NFL.  We had the D, but all the backup QBs were terrible.  After Drew retires, we will understand how lucky we were to have him for so long.  Please Mr. Benson, keep Drew for another year or two.    This team can make the Super Bowl in the next 1-2 years, but only if we have “Mr. IT” as our QB.   Another productive draft, returning starters from injury, some free agent additions and our future looks bright.   Hang in there Who Dat Nation.


Did ya all know the Pelicans beat the Knicks in OT in New York?   There is some good news!  But not on the weather front as more cold air is coming for Tuesday that might be even colder than this past weekend.  I’ll uncover my plants just to let them get some sun on Monday and for early Tuesday before it’s cover up for Wednesday & Thursday mornings.  RIGHT NOW it looks like the North Shore will be 15-20 with 24-28 south of Lake P.   Earlier the models suggested the chance for some white stuff near us, but they have backed off that idea on later runs.   However, we will be cold enough Tuesday night that if some overrunning happens, we could see some flakes around even on the South Shore.   Long range7-10 days, models are showing a real January thaw developing that should make next week (21-30th) much milder.  There, finally some really good news.  It’s gonna warm up!  Stay tuned!



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