Thursday, February 15, 2018

Another Record Breaker...

Today we reached 83 degrees breaking the previous record of 82.   Tomorrow should be in the same neighborhood before a weak front might cool us down briefly on Saturday.  Plenty of Super cold Arctic air covers central & eastern Canada, but RIGHT NOW models are not bringing that chill down into the deep South during the next 10-14 day.    By then we will have entered “meteorological Spring” and the possibility for freezes diminish greatly as the sun angle gets higher & higher.   I replanted my annuals to give my yard some color and I started the process of hacking & whacking away at all the dead stuff from the December & January freezes.  New growth is already beginning to sprout up and my grapefruit tree is showing new life after losing most of its leaves.  As my yard grass begins to turn green again, I put down some “Bonus S” to help control any weeds and that stuff really works well.   With mainly warm weather coming for the next couple of weeks, we should see significant budding of the trees as many of you have already mentioned.  We are not done with the cold weather as I fully expect March to have many cold outbreaks that will require the heavy weather gear once again.  I am totally enjoying the warmer weather, but I realize many of you don’t.   Be patient, the chill will be back.   But before it does, Capt. Hylton wants to go fishing next week.  I’m ready as it’s been 2 months since we last fished.    Stay tuned!



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