Wednesday, February 21, 2018

April in February...

Actually it’s more like May in February as today’s 84 easily shattered the previous record high of 80.  84 is the normal/average high for the middle of May.  We are way too warm way too soon and I suspect the month of March will be a roller coaster ride of temperature extremes.   Many record highs were set across the eastern states today while many record lows were set out west where Denver plunged to 7 below!   The temperature contrast either side of a frontal boundary remains wild with Oklahoma City in the 20s, Dallas in the 30s while we sit in the mid-70s.  Since the upper wind pattern keeps in place the east coast ridge, the cold air will make little progress our way until the weekend.  Even then, the core of the cold will stay to our north as we just get back down to where we should be.   More 80+ warmth is on tap for Thursday & Friday and we should set several more high temp. records.   More rounds of heavy rainfall are likely along the stalled front tomorrow creating flooding problems.  Shreveport received 3-5” today with Alexandria 2-3”.   As the front slowly sags closer to us, some heavy rains are possible over the weekend here, but I don’t see more than 1-2” as the front should be moving at a faster pace.  We really could use a good soaker so let’s hope that happens over the weekend.  The brief cooldown over the weekend will not last as another warm up comes during next week. 


Billy Graham died this morning.  I always wondered what made him so special?  If you listened to some of his sermons, his message was simple.  Our lives on Earth were only temporary.  What we did here determines what happens in the next life.  I know some folks don’t believe there is the next life.   I do and I feel if you believe in a Creator/God & treat your neighbor as you would yourself, then you will be allowed into the Kingdom that Billy Graham spoke about.    He was about a culture of Love, unlike our current culture of violence.   We are all better for him living on this planet.  

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