Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Satellite Launch Thursday...

One of the things I loved to do when I was working was to show various satellite loops ( Vis, IR, Water Vapor etc.) and point out features I saw that were meaningful and/or neat.    If you watch any of the local weathercasters & pay attention, they sometimes don’t even show satellite loops, let alone interpret/point out features.   It’s a lost “art” that shows me whether the weathercaster is just “book smart” or really has special knowledge above just reading what NWS puts out in their daily discussions.   The latest weather satellite is expected to be launched on Thursday that should provide forecasters with better tools to make predictions.  However, if local TV weathercasters don’t show satellite loops, you won’t notice much difference.    It’s good to show models of what MIGHT happen.  It’s better to show REAL features that are happening.


A weak cold front will stagger through by late afternoon Thursday with some showers, but the real heavy rainfall will stay farther to our north.  It should be another 80+ day before some cooler air arrives for Friday & Saturday.  February shattered the previous warmest Feb. by nearly 4 degrees as we had at least 9 record breaking days.  March will begin warm, but signs still point to a big cool down coming during the 2nd & 3rd weeks.   Driving around the past couple of days & I’m amazed by the number of tall palm trees that look to be dead.   I’m sure the same thing happened during the great freeze of 1989, but I just don’t remember so many palms dying.  Fortunately, my windmill palms look fine along with my citrus trees which are now starting to blossom.  Still nothing from my shrimp plants nor my hibiscus plants.  I did lose 2 big bushes on the front of my house and I will replace them with something that handles freezes better.   We enter “meteorological Spring” tomorrow, but Winter is far from over, especially over the northern states.  RIGHT NOW, there are no signs of an Arctic blast coming south during the next  7-14 days.  Stay tuned!

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