Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Fallacy of the Forecast...

I was at the Bacchus parade tonight and yes it was raining so the high rain chances were technically correct.  However, the parade did go on and most of us were ready for the brief sprinkles.   I’ve been reluctant to comment on the high rain chances the past several days since I knew the parades must roll on in spite of the weather.  Sure Endymion got wet at the end, but most of the parade was rolling dry.  The PoP  (Probability of precipitation) often overstates the real chances for rain.  I hate using them, yet I know you want to know them.   As we head toward the final 2 days of Carnival, the good news is rain chances are much lower and Mardi Grad itself should be mostly dry.   We are heading towards the middle of February and have about another 10-15 days to worry about any hard freezes,  RIGHT NOW, the next 10-14 days show no signs of any Arctic cold coming down into the Gulf South.  In fact, later next week we could be flirting with 80+ degrees once again and that will kick start the growing season.    All my potted plants are back outside and I will finish cutting back all the dead vegetation later this week.   It is time to bring color back to our yards & gardens.  Meteorological Spring begins in 3 weeks!  Stay tuned!


P.S. Chicago set a new record for the # of days with measurable snow…9.  While they shovel, I’ll be on the golf course or in a boat!

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