Friday, March 23, 2018

It Happens every Spring...

For many across our country, springtime means a return of baseball, ball parks, bratwurst & beer.  Since we don’t have a team here, college baseball is King.  But there are some of us in SE LA/MS where Spring means it’s time to fish again.   Usually early April is the time trout follow the shrimp and begin showing up in greater numbers.  However, my youngest son (Justin) had some time off and wanted to do some fishing after driving in from Oklahoma City.  So one call to Capt. Hylton and we were off despite less than tame weather conditions.   On Wednesday PM  NW winds blew 15-25 mph.  Thursday was slightly less at 10-20 with this morning flat calm.   We did catch 33 trout & one red during our 2 day trip.   Not terrible since there was no live bait & finding clean water challenging in such strong winds.  But sometimes you go even if the odds are against you.  For my son, it was a great trip.

Lots happened since I’ve been gone.   Ken Graham, the MIC (meteorologist in charge) of the local office of the National Weather Service was named the new Director of the National Hurricane Center.  This is great news since Ken has been forecasting hurricanes for decades and has a broadcasting background making him the perfect candidate for the job.   I’m sure he’ll do great in his new role.   Also, the past several days have seen huge crowds paying respect to Tom Benson.  He truly affected almost all of us sports fans by keeping the Saints & Pelicans here in NOLA.    I can remember the day back in 1998 when Mr. Benson purchased FOX 8.  At the first station meeting, he gave me a Saint’s #30 jersey since I was celebrating 30 years with Ch. 8.    I still have it, but regret not having him sign it.  Worse yet, I have a picture of my wife & I next to the 2010 Super Bowl trophy that I should have asked Tom to sign.  Regretfully, no autograph again.    But I have my memories.

After a stretch of cool, dry weather, this weekend will see us warm back to 80+.  In fact the next week looks warm and mostly dry with some rain possible with the next front next Thursday.  I’ll be finishing some yard work this weekend.  Enjoy what should be some great weather.  Stay tuned!

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